Photo Tool for NFT Photographers Goes Live:

eth.photosNFT Photographers can now show off their work to individuals who do not know anything about NFTs or OpenSea. It’s called .photos, a web2 visualization tool that simply displays photo portfolios embedded in the ethereum blockchain. As long as one’s photo portfolio wallet address is connected to an Ethereum Name Service username, any photographer’s .eth username can be typed into a web browser to see everything. Just add .photos to it and voila.

An example of a photographer’s username: mysnaps.eth

An example of how to view the NFT photos:

The tool queries the ethereum blockchain and displays the recent photo NFTs in the order in which they were minted. .Photos does not host any pictures or files. Registering for a .eth username is easy. Just make sure that the username is connected to the wallet with the NFT photos in it.

With .photos itself, there is nothing to register for, nothing to login to, and no wallet necessary to connect with. It is just a visualization tool. Have fun!

For more information or if you have questions, contact @financeguy74 on twitter.