.eth Domain Number Holders Invited to Free Open Bar in New York City

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Who told you that a 3-digit or 4-digit .eth domain has no utility?

Three-digit and four-digit .eth ENS domain holders are invited to attend an open bar event in New York City at The Refinery Rooftop on May 11th from 6-9pm for FREE. deCashed, who is putting on the crypto networking event that evening, is looking to independently support the burgeoning #10kclub and #999club communities. deCashed founder Sean Murray is also known as 3531.eth.

Attendees must be 21 or over to enter and entry will be subject to capacity availability. Proof of 3-digit or 4-digit .eth domain ownership will be required prior to entry.

The free open bar incentive was announced Wednesday evening on twitter. The deCashed registration page currently says that a whitelist process may be forthcoming. Anyone interested in attending that does not hold an aforementioned .eth address can register with a small $25 fee payable in crypto only. Eth, btc, sol, ltc, doge accepted etc.