elfDAO Piggybacks on DAO Concept to Bring Cheer to Kids

elfdaoA new DAO calling itself elfDAO is using the power of crypto for good. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization states that its mission is “to fund, organize, and donate gifts to institutions, orphanages, and low-income neighborhood centers to bring holiday joy to as many children as possible.”

It’s a 12-day fundraising campaign that will last from December 20th to December 31st, the website says. The group hopes to raise $1 million by Christmas, which they say would be gifts for 40,000 kids at an average cost of $25/gift.

Anyone interested in making a charitable contribution can do so by sending eth through the DAO’s juicebox link.

“Here at elfDAO, we are elves – the workers, builders, and contributors of holiday cheer,” the website says. “We elves see the activity of gift-giving as one of the best ways to use our platform to share cheer to children. And we’re sick of seeing ‘Santa’ never show up for children less fortunate.”

More than $30,000 was raised within the first 24 hours of going live. Contributors who donate over certain thresholds will be rewarded with an elf, reindeer, or santa NFT as a memento.

More information about elfDAO can be found at elfdao.com.