deBanked Launches ERC-721 NFT Viewer

view nftBrooklyn, NY – deBanked announced the launch of a web-based NFT image viewer for ERC-721 tokens. It is free to use and one not need own the NFTs in question in order to view them. The release was timed with the announcement of the company’s own NFT collection to celebrate brokers.

“Launching an NFT Viewer stemmed from the seemingly limited ways to view an NFT outside of technology like MetaMask or OpenSea,” said deBanked President Sean Murray. “It seemed bizarre that a multi-billion dollar marketplace based on pictures, somehow lacks public tools to view those pictures.”

The NFT Viewer only works with Ethereum’s ERC-721 tokens. ERC-1155 tokens or NFTs on other blockchains are not readable at this time. Viewing an NFT is as simple as typing in the NFT contract address and the token ID # of the NFT.

“If there is an image URI in the metadata file, it should be viewable,” Murray added, “but it’s not perfect. We’ll continue working on it over time depending on interest level.”

The NFT Viewer will also provide a link to the metadata file itself. Anyone can view NFTs, including the 17 minted by deBanked thus far at:

About deBanked
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