WeFund Releases A Portal To Simplified Lending

WeFundFlorida – WeFund has just announced the launch of a simplified lending process, WeFund’s new vendor portal is creating a friendly and intuitive user experience for their vendors, which is key to maintaining strong lender/vendor relationships.

Empowering merchants with the ability to Quote, Apply, Check Open Items and Upload Documents via self-service is essential. WeFund has delivered this with their new application process.

“The target of the new and improved application process, is to create a one of a kind experience for our clients, and we continue to achieve this with our successful technology-driven application process. WeFund has created a quick and seamless user experience for our merchants. WeFund is great to work with because we have products that suit specific industries. Our desire to get clients the working capital they need to expand the business, is the reason why we at WeFund are the best at what we do,” said Sky Beckner, Funding manager, WeFund.

“It took an extensive research-driven approach to deliver the Vendor Portal experience WeFund was looking for. Our focus was on creating a simple yet powerful experience for the Merchant users,” said David Brenner, Director of Product Application Management, WeFund.

“At WeFund the goal is to simplify lending. For that specific reason, we have procured a seamless user experience for our clients. WeFund has done it again, in setting up a digital application process that creates a competitive advantage for lenders across the United States. This digital experience is a must in a technology driven world like today,” said Claude Darmony, CEO, WeFund.

About WeFund

WeFund is a major business funding firm, located in south Florida. Over 265 clients have already turned to WeFund for help and to use our services.

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