deBanked Adds New Functionality For Digital Advertisers

blue piggyFebruary 9, 2021 – deBanked® has added an advanced feature for digital advertisers. Advertisers now have the option to utilize a deBanked account that provides realtime click totals on their ads. The feature began rolling out in January.

“It’s one of several things that we’ve been working on for a while,” said deBanked President Sean Murray. “Our clients can also view what their current ads are when they log in, even if it’s more than one campaign, and monitor the number of clicks they’re receiving in close to real time.”

The data is updated on an automated basis and the identities of the visitors that clicked is kept anonymous. The company is now also offering white-labeled landing pages as a service to assist with managing the conversion process.

“We serve a business-to-business market,” Murray said, “and I think the big elephant in the room is that much of the industry’s referral business is being sourced through our website. We outpace all of our competitors on a page view basis by a long shot and we’ve determined that it would be valuable for our digital clients to track the activity we’re generating for them, and then if they need further assistance, facilitate the conversion process for them as well. We think about it from the user perspective too. We want the user clicking those ads to find whatever it is they’re seeking. We’re ultimately striving for an end-to-end experience where all parties are satisfied.”

For funders, a significant percentage of the click activity actually occurs through this page for the United States and this page for Canada.

“We’re a publishing business first,” Murray added, “but hundreds of thousands of people come to our website to get a question answered or to find a solution to a problem they have. It’s something we keep in mind all the time.”

About deBanked
deBanked® is a registered trademark of Raharney Capital, LLC. The company is based in Brooklyn, New York and was founded in 2010. For more information, visit or email (212) 220-9084.