Small Business Forum Surpasses 110,000 Posts, an online small business forum founded in 2008 for small business owners to discuss daily issues, recently surpassed 110,000 posts. Since inception, the forum has served as a friendly non-commercialized community of small business owners.

The forum also surpassed 28,000 members, according to a forum administrator. The three most common areas of discussion are internet marketing, managing a business, and starting a business.

“In other communities online, there’s always someone trying to sell you something. With this small business forum, it’s been kept rather pure and organic for more than a decade,” the admin said. “Topics like accounting and financing attract a lot of viewers.”

The forum experienced an uptick in viewers this year, most likely caused by pandemic-related shutdowns.

“We’re very proud to have surpassed 110,000 posts on this site and we look forward to the next 110,000!”

About Small Business Forum was launched in 2008. The community operates as a message board for small business owners.