Uplyft Capital’s Technology Push – Redesigned Website and Launch of Purple Platform

uplyft capital logoMiami, FL – Uplyft Capital, a technology-focused funding company, has just launched their new website. This comes after the May, 2018 release of their new, redesigned brand identity; a soft-purple arrow symbolizing upwards growth. The new web design and visual identity focuses on an enhanced user experience for their clients, partners, syndicates and employees. Uplyft has completely revamped their website’s features to a streamlined and simplified design that emphasizes commitment to their clients and web browsers.

In addition to their new website, Uplyft’s internal, fully-dedicated technology team has dedicated 2018 to the development of its own proprietary software, which has recently gone live for use by its internal sales team. Uplyft has named the software, Purple Platform. Michael Massa, owner and CEO, says, “For months, we were trying to figure out a name that would best describe the software. I found myself one morning a 3am having a dream, saying Eric (our CTO and lead developer), make sure you update everything on the purple platform. I woke up and immediately wrote it down and there you have it – Purple Platform was born.”

Mr. Massa goes on to say, “We believe Purple Platform can solve a universal problem for all funding companies to be able to offer more efficient, user-friendly, and streamlined services and we’ll be looking into licensing out our software in the future.”

Uplyft has already begun developing strategic partnerships in the marketplace to expand its brand. In preparation for its expansion goals, they have begun the process of acquiring smaller qualified sale offices throughout the country. Uplyft Capital has taken a unique approach and is carving out its own lane in the industry. Their undeniably different branding and proprietary software illustrates their thought process and company’s mission, which is to help small to mid-size businesses to grow and prosper the Uplyft way.

About Uplyft Capital
Uplyft Capital is a Miami, FL based Fintech company since 2012 that offers businesses cash advances to increase their working capital. Uplyft Capital is located at 20200 W. Dixie Highway, Unit 802, Miami, FL 33160. For more information about partnering with Uplyft, please contact them at support@uplyftcapital.com or 1-800-515-7531.