Seekingfin Staff

Andrew Allwood (Hot Stocks Alert Editor)

I am Andrew Allwood, a Senior News Writer for “”. I covers “Hot Stocks Alert” sector and writes about trending Active Hot companies from an exclusive and “out of the box” perspective. Over the years I have built a network of resources within the Hot Stocks Alert sector I write about. I started investing in 2008 as a hobby, and since it has grown to be my passion. I look for investments that generate strong value in the long run, and also assist shareholders avoid pitfalls through my analysis.

Address: 1816 Cork St, Guelph, ON N1H 2W8

Phone: 519-763-2721


Erin Symes (Financial Author)

I am a Erin Symes, today the market condition depends on financial and financial services, as a financial advisor and an economist, I have an experience in the services industry for last 7 years giving the challenging world best reviews that how news affects the financial market. Investing in the market here we are the advisors, active day spenders.

Majority of my time is analyzing the market condition in the financial sector and watching day to day market reviews and news, I have a vast experience good communication skill great confidence and knowledge. Previously working with the good reputed financial companies makes me a good financial advisor.

Address: 1510 Brand Road Saskatoon, SK S7K 1W8

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Paul Nordin (Healthcare Author)

My Self Paul Nordin and I’m working in the industryof financial news developer and advisor, performing my duties for over 9 yearsin the industry, stared my work as a advisor, working experience with theseniors I become the major advisor and financial news reporter behind “”with a vision to increase the benefits in the shape or profit and byintroducing new customers, I personally like to show my interest in thebusiness development and advisor, now I am the major news reporter/advisor inthe sector of ” Healthcare” companies.

Address: 1883 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 5H1

Phone: 778-892-4871


Kaitlyn Hudd (Technology Author)

This is Kaitlyn Hudd and I like to introduce myself as an advisor, in the Technology Sector. I worked independently as a self motivator and with the financial institute as financial adviser to invest in the technology sector for over 5 years in the developing countries by introducing new phases and ways to improve in the technology sector.

I like to travel all over the globe to get new experience and provide by best services to the companies. As an advisor I like to work with new people to share and explore new ideas keeping in view minimizing the operating cost and giving the best final product through new technology and minimizing the time of development.

Address: 1476 Quayside Dr New Westminster, BC V3M 6A1

Phone: 604-306-2764